About Us



My name is Sreekant Shenoy. I am the owner and Founder of this blog.

I’m 20 years old, 3rd year, also a Kerala-based blogger.

I started this blog on 3rd June 2018.

Since the beginning of this wonderful blog, I have been able to see the wonderful response. I wish my continuous effort on this blog to help your college life.

I have been extremely fascinated with the world of technology, and how it has revolutionized the world connectivity. I am avid technology lover.

My mission behind this blog is

  • To Motivate you, students to try new things and involve in useful courses, internships and more.
  • Make the most out of your KTU engineering life.
  • Help you find college-related resources and learn them better for college exams.

Our Story

The story begins during the initial days of college when I had no idea what is KTU?

I google it… Okay, so it’s a university. What more? What is the exact syllabus and give me some advice for a fresher?

The puzzled look google still provides, made me think of a wonderful blog that would not just help students learn for their college exams. But, make them involved in doing more.

How to successfully accomplish with your KTU college life? How to make the time worth it?

Suppose I get interviewed a question: Tell me what you got in your portfolio?

Me: I got one *wink* *wink* KTUStudy blog which helps students all over Kerala to learn and do more with their engineering life.

I would like you to have some achievement in your 4 years of B.Tech Engineering life. I can help you do that!

Our Contributors

We hugely appreciate our contributors for providing valuable content to the KTUStudy family. They are the reason we are able to help all of you.

Sangeedh (S.G)


Our most prominent contributor, mentor and great support to us KTU students.

Hrishikesh J

Hrishikesh J

He does everything better than the best. Engineer with the passion and a highly supportive contributor to our community.

For your success,

KTU Study Team