These are the Computer Science S7 Syllabus Engineering (CSE) KTU has scheduled for B.Tech. You can view or download the KTU S3 CSE syllabus pdf below.

Computer Science S7 Syllabus

Computer Science S7 Syllabus(CSE)

Note: If your subject is not here, check CSE S8 Syllabus too. You know why.

Syllabus Curriculum

The Electronics & Communication Engineering S7 Syllabus curriculum consists of the following subjects. The credits awarded is also displayed in the tabular column across each subject.

Course CodeCourse NameL-T-PCreditsExam Slot
CS401Computer Graphics4-0-03A
CS403Programming Paradigms3-0-03B
CS405Computer System Architecture3-0-03C
CS407Distributed Computing3-0-03D
CS409Cryptography and Network Security3-0-03E
CS451Seminar & Project Preliminary0-1-42S
CS431Compiler Design Lab0-0-31T
CS461Computational Geometry3-0-03F
CS463Digital Image Processing3-0-03F
CS467Machine Learning3-0-03F
CS469Computational Complexity3-0-03F

Total Credits = 22 

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How Difficult is the CSE S7 Syllabus?

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