These are the Electronics & Communication S4 Syllabus (ECE) KTU has scheduled. You can view or download the KTU S4 ECE syllabus pdf below.

Electronics & Communication S4 Syllabus (ECE)

Electronics & Communication S4 Syllabus (ECE)

Common Subjects:

Note: If your subject is not here, check ECE S3 Syllabus too. You know why.

Syllabus Curriculum

The Electronics & Communication S4 Syllabus curriculum consists of the following subjects. The credits awarded is also displayed in the tabular column across each subject.

Course Code Course Nam L-T-P Credits Exam Slot
EC202 Signals and Systems 3-1-0 4 B
EC204 Analog Integrated Circuits 4-0-0 4 C
EC206 Computer Organization 3-0-0 3 D
EC208 Analog Communication Engineering 3-0-0 3 E
EC232 Analog Integrated Circuits Lab 0-0-3 1 S
EC230 Logic Circuit Design Lab 0-0-3 1 T

Total Credits = 16

Common subjects:

Course Code Course Name L-T-P Credits Exam Slot
MA204 Probability Distribution, Random Processes and Numerical Methods 3-1-0 4 A
HS200 Business Economics Syllabus 3-0-0 3 F
HS210 Life Skills Syllabus 2-0-2 3 F

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How Difficult is the ECE S4 Syllabus?

This is the question we get asked most of the time. I know this question pops up in your mind too.

Well, you must know the challenges you need to face while learning any subject. The branch is not competitive like, but the syllabus in S4 is going to be.

Like all other subjects, The S3 & S4 is really difficult to learn according to our student’s reviews. Passing through these two semesters are going to be the big challenge.

So, rock it!

For queries and words related to the branch or subjects, Comment down below. We are listening.


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