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KTU has specific procedures to be followed by. This is the norms KTU has published for Inter-college transfer. This is officially revised form for 2018.

We have also written the procedures for branch transfer in case you are looking for.

Don’t worry if you don’t have time to read the norms, I explain important things in simple words first and you can find the official norms at very bottom.

Norms for KTU College Transfer (Main Points)

  1. Management quota category students in aided colleges aren’t eligible for KTU college transfer.
  2. You can apply for college transfer only before 3rd semester and 5th semester.
  3. You can get transferred:
    (i) Between Govt. and Govt. aided colleges.
    (ii) Govt. and Govt. aided colleges to self-financing colleges.
    (iii) Between self- financing Colleges. (Including Govt. controlled)
  4. Your college will publish an announcement form regarding dates for admissions, brach & inter-college transfer to S3 and S5 (Mostly during May). Look out to that form to know the exact dates to apply for transfer.
  5. Of course, you are supposed to qualify for your academic performance and the marks would be taken (and not GPA) from S1-S3 or S1-S5 depending upon the number of applied students.
  6. In case of Tie-breaking, students shall be selected via Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry marks taken in that order.
  7. You need to remit a fee of Rs 3000/- (No fee for SC/ST students) when told after transferring.
  8. You can change the college only ‘once‘ & once after approval, you don’t have the option to cancel the transfer.

According to KTU University, you can transfer credits points too. Keep in mind that you can only transfer 50 credits/activity points while moving from one college to another.

UPDATE (12/07/2018): There is no minimum credit requirement for Inter College Transfer to semesters 3 and 5. However, students who attained 26 credits from first and second semester only are eligible to be admitted to the 5th semester.

Procedure for the College Transfer (Student seeks a transfer from College A to College B)

Step 1: Submit a request for transfer to the Principal where he/she is presently studying (College A)

Step 2: The principal of college A may or may not recommend the transfer. Once recommended, the recommendation cannot be reversed and hence the Principal of college A has to relieve the student if the student gets the transfer to college B.

Step3: The Principal of college B shall publish the number of students that can be admitted based on the availability of vacant seats and based on the norms published by the University.

Step4: Principal A relieves the student if he/she is selected by college B with necessary entries in the KTU portal.

Step5: Principal B admits the student in College B with necessary entries in the KTU portal.

Step6: Student remits the fee to the University.

Official Norms for Inter-College Transfer (B.Tech/B.Arch) (Revised)

1. The following Category of students is not eligible for intercollege transfer a. Govt.of India Nominee

  • Management Quota in Aided Colleges
  • Any other category which is ineligible as per the conditions for admission prescribed by Govt.of Kerala/ Govt.of India.

2. KTU Inter-college transfer shall be applicable only for regular B.Tech students.
3. Inter-college transfer shall be permitted before the commencement of the Third semester and Fifth semester.
4. Intercollege transfer shall be effected within the sanctioned strength of the college.

5. The Transfer shall be permitted
(i) Between Govt. / Govt. Aided Colleges.
(ii) Govt. and Govt. Aided colleges to self-financing colleges.
(iii) Between Self- financing Colleges. (Including Govt. controlled)

6. Notification inviting application for Inter-College Transfer will be issued by the University during the Second semester/Fourth semester.
7. The candidate should fulfill the academic eligibility requirement for the promotion to the Third Semester/Fifth semester.
8. If the numbers of applicants are more than the seats available, the admission may be based on the GPA obtained in the First semester (for ICT to S3)/CGPA up to Third semester (for ICT to S5). Ties will be broken by the marks obtained in for Mathematics, Physics/Chemistry taken in that order.
9. The students will have only one option of the college for transfer.
10. The request for the transfer shall be submitted to the college in which the transfer is sought with the recommendation of the Principal of the college in which the student is currently studying.

11. The selected candidates shall remit a fee of Rs 3000/- (No fee for SC/ST students) within the stipulated date to KTU while joining in the new college.
12. The college transfer once approved by the receiving college will be final and binding on the applicant. No student will be permitted, under any circumstances, to refuse the change of college once offered.
13. A student who has already availed inter-college transfer in S3 will not be permitted college transfer in S5.


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1. What if I have backlogs?

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