KTU Credit System: Everything To Keep in Mind!

The qualifying system for us is now based on KTU Credit System and Activity Points. Should you be worried about not having enough credits?

Are activity points and credits that easy to obtain? What is the grading system like for B.Tech Engineering?

Settle in, and read every point carefully. These must be your goals at the end of the semesters.

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What are Credits?

Credits or Activity points is the measuring factor for KTU students to get promoted to the next semester. (But credits and activity points are different)

It’s simple to understand.

Every semester, you have to attain a required amount of credits as specified by KTU in the curriculum.

All subjects including practical labs have certain credits. These are just the minimum credits you will be getting by passing for each of your subjects.

  • The credits are assigned to each subject based on the importance of that subject in that branch.
  • No. of credits for each subject is mentioned in the KTU syllabus curriculum.
  • A student on passing all his exams get 180 credits in total.
  • KTU insists on students to get 182 credits that are 2 credits extra as extra-curricular for graduation.

I’ll explain in a minute.

Comming over to the semester credits you have to gain, the below image explains the needed points.

KTU Credits per Semester - KTU Credit System: Everything To Keep in Mind!

KTU Activity Points & Credits?

50 activity points = 1 credit

This is the KTU credit system calculation and nothing other. Yes, both are NOT the same. So just keep in mind the difference when you talk.

Extra 2 Credits & How to Get?

These 2 credits are very important and like I said, Its taken into account for graduation. All students have to earn a minimum of 100 activity points from various activity segments listed to qualify for the B.Tech degree.

You can start accumulating activity points right now without any further delay. Head over to our article on how we explained to utilize your summer vacation effectively.

These extra 2 credits can be obtained via extra-curricular activities like internships, workshops, Online courses etc.

As a proof of completion, you have to submit the certificate to your staff advisor when told to submit at the end of every year.

The activities you do should be one among the KTU credit system handbook. If you looking for getting credits the fast way, go with the ones with high credits like NSS, NCC.

But… I would rather suggest you do not get burdened by this KTU credit system.

I like enjoying and learning on the go because that is only when you aren’t thinking of anything else and we become passionate to do what we do. You should try that too.

KTU Credit System (Activity Points) Assigning Criteria

The main areas where KTU focusses more on points are:

  1. National Initiatives
  2. Sports & Games
  3. Cultural Activities
  4. Professional Self Initiatives
  5. Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  6. Leadership & Management

The rules assigned for each activity put forward by the university is below.

KTU Credit System Criteria 1 869x1024 - KTU Credit System: Everything To Keep in Mind!KTU Credit System Criteria 2 780x1024 - KTU Credit System: Everything To Keep in Mind!KTU Credit System Criteria 3 777x1024 - KTU Credit System: Everything To Keep in Mind!KTU Credit System Criteria 4 1024x823 - KTU Credit System: Everything To Keep in Mind!

Final Words.

Rather than thinking too much over the ktu credit system, it’s now the right time to start if you haven’t already.

I don’t have any more opinions on this. Do you?

Let us know in the comments if you have anything to say!