KTU Notes (Latest & Best)

We have a collection of handwritten notes from our KTU students and also materials provided to us by our teachers. We encourage every student to share their materials with us so that It could help other students too.


KTU S1 S2 Syllabus Updated

KTU Semester S1 & S2 Notes

Semester S3 KTU Notes Free Download

KTU S3 Notes (Semester 3)

KTU S1 S2 Syllabus Updated

Semester 4 Notes

KTU S5 Syllabus Updated

Semester 5 Notes

KTU S Syllabus Updated

Semester 6 Notes

KTU Notes & Study Material Source

The contribution is made by our students which include from colleges of TKM College of Engineering, College of Engineering Trivandrum and many others.

Hey, You can contribute too! 

Upload the KTU model question papers on Google Drive, or any cloud, and send us the link through the form below.

Otherwise, a quick mail to ktustudy(at)gmail.com would also be appreciated. 🙂