KTU Revaluation Apply Procedures 2018

Failed for an exam? Don’t worry. It’s common. Here is a guide on how to apply for KTU Revaluation. (Re-Evaluation)

Just make sure you study well.

Keep in mind that students who passed or failed can apply for this revaluation.

The only problem being the failed students not able to see their results.

How to Apply: KTU Revaluation


    1. Open your KTU students account (or https://app.ktu.edu.in/login.jsp) in a new tab and log into your account.
    2. Navigate to ‘Exam’ section and choose your academic year. (Make sure you choose your previous semester.
    3. Below the exam title, you will see an option named ‘Register for Revaluation’. Click on that.
    4. Be Alert. Choose & Tick the boxes of your appropriate subjects for KTU revaluation. (Remember: It’s Rs.600 per subject.
    5. One Done, Submit it and Take a print of the receipt.
    6. Take the receipt to your college office and pay the revaluation amount.

The KTU revaluation results will be up within 3-4 months. You can view the evaluation result in the results tab.

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Final Words.

If there is something more of a guide you would like to see, Let’s know.

We are happy to help you!


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