This KTU S3 result analysis is heart-breaking to see, with just 32.79% pass percentage.

This data is collected over from, providing us with the visual marks representation.

Out of the 36,720 students (2015 batch) appearing for the S3 exam in 2017-18 year, only 12,042 students were able to pass the exam overall. This results with 67.21% failures.

I can understand KTU S3-S4 is the toughest semester among all others. However, its hard to believe that something is going wrong in the education system.

Maybe students OR the syllabus. Our article on 5 Ways How KTU System Could Have Been Better! might benefit your reading.

KTU S3 Result Analysis (2017-18)
KTU S3 Result Analysis (2017-18)

As per KTU S3 Result Analysis, The top 10 colleges securing the top percent are:

  1. College Of Engineering Trivandrum
  2. Model Engineering College
  3. Muthoot Institute Of Technology & Science
  4. LBS Institute Of Technology For Women, Poojappura
  5. Government Engineering College Thrissur
  6. Toms College Of Engineering For Startup
  7. TKM College Of Engineering
  8. Rajiv Gandhi Institute Of Technology, Kottayam
  9. Rajagiri School Of Engineering & Technology
  10. Federal Institute Of Science And Technology (Fisat)

College wise Analysis


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