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Last Updated KTU Syllabus on 22/07/2018

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KTU keeps their implementing the subjects and its B.Tech syllabus every now and then. So It’s highly recommended that you bookmark this page so that you can stay updated with the modified syllabus.

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KTU S1 S2 Syllabus Updated

KTU Syllabus S1 S2 2019-20

KTU S3 Syllabus Updated

KTU Syllabus S3 2018-19

KTU S1 S2 Syllabus Updated

KTU Syllabus S4 2018-19

KTU S5 Syllabus Updated

KTU Syllabus S5 2018-19

KTU S Syllabus Updated

KTU Syllabus S6 2018-19

KTU S Syllabus Updated

KTU Syllabus S7 2018-19

KTU S Syllabus Updated

KTU Syllabus S8 2018-19

Is KTU syllabus just enough for Exams?

We have been fortunate enough to ask some of our college toppers on their opinions of the overall KTU management. This is what they told us.

For the exams, its a big YES!

You only have to learn your daily portions thoroughly and be attentive in the class. That’s more than enough to score a big fat 9 CGPA.

All hail the KTU exams, since till date the exams have never gone out of syllabus and learning exactly to the KTU syllabus is the key!

Did you know that KTU has formulated this syllabus to provide a completely outcome-based education?

Unfortunately, we don’t agree.

In the interview with Dr. M Abdul Rahman, Pro-VC of KTU he mentions his vision of KTU to be the first world-class university. He adds on to the point for a B.Tech student to focus more on practical knowledge.

Ironically the college institutes and faculties have the entire control over examinations in practical and there are no practical exams conducted by KTU officially.

The KTU university has given the ample freedom to the institutes to use the best way to teach practicals.

..but within a guideline set up by the university itself.

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Does KTU Syllabus Toughness increase on the way?

This is the most commonly occurring question among all the KTU students. If you get a chance to talk with your branch seniors, We would recommend that to be the ideal way to know the answer.

If you are new to KTU, do read Everything you need to know about KTU.

Considering the case of a B.Tech student, the engineering itself is made for the students to learn deeper into a subject. Although that doesn’t mean it’s going to be difficult later, the syllabus difficulty is different for every branch.

As usual, the learning content becomes more and more when you move across the semester.

You can mostly experience the odd semesters to be tougher compared to the even semesters.

For Electronics and Communication branch & Mechanical Production, S3 is usually said to be the most difficult semester. For Mechanical Engg. its S3 and S5.

KTU Syllabus Upgrade in 2016-17

The Kerala Technological University(KTU), now known as APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University in its 4 years of functioning has changed the syllabus just one time which was in the year 2016-17.

According to the stats, In 2015-16 private engineering colleges had admitted 29,988 students in the first year B.Tech programme. Out of which almost 12.7% i.e. 3,806 students got a year back.

Due to which around 529 of them dropped out to seek for another college admission.

In fact, this KTU syllabus change was made to make sure that the year back system is further reduced and made simpler for students to pass.

Things students have to keep in mind

#1 Short Semesters

The whole syllabus is allocated very less time to complete each semester. Faculties have been given a fixed time schedule. This results in the teacher just explaining concepts rather than practically teaching.

And as students, the struggle is very much to devote time to work on extra-curricular activities. No mention the 75% attendance for them, which is not always easy to get.

Looking at this way, KTU never appreciates the so-called outcome-based education.

#2 Practical Exam

As we mentioned above, the practical exam is entirely upon to the college institutes to conduct the examination, within the time specified by the university.

There are problems of unfair grading by the college faculties and institutes. The faculties are partial to their good students and end up getting good grades without much effort.

This problem can only be fixed by university sending externals to conduct the examination.

#3 Answer Paper Evaluation

In one of the article, we revealed how the KTU answer paper Evaluation is done.

No wonder how good in studies you are, the KTU results could come out as fail. That’s the situation now with KTU now.

It’s not the problem of college institute, not the students.. but the university that assigns inexperienced faculties to correct the paper according to the answer sheet provided.

So, the answer sheets of practical knowledge students never comply with the marks.

KTU Timetable 2018

The exam timetable would be published by KTU in their announcements. We keep the timetable updates in the updates section.

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Going through the KTU Syllabus is the best thing you can do before an exam.

Remember to browse over to the announcement section to see latest KTU announcements.

We are eagerly waiting to graduate you!

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