5 Ways How KTU System Could Have Been Better!

    What are the KTU University Problems you know? This is the apparently the definite way how we feel the KTU system could have been better.

    Disclaimer: This entire article is from a student’s point of view. Not for a moment, we are against the KTU University.

    So, Let’s begin.

    #1. NO External Practicals & Practical Education

    I don’t mean to say there are no practicals in the institutions. I say it’s not judged or evaluated by external professors.

    Think of it as a positive advantage for some institutions where they simply provide the marks to the students without performing any practicals, to get better results for their institute.

    KTU System has been said to the vision for an outcome practical-based education. However, it’s really hard for the students to even imagine it.

    If you look into the institutions properly, the students are more pressurized to learn by the theory than the practicals which KTU was expecting for.

    Experince Is Everything KTU University Problems

    At least this could have been solved.

    #2. The Silent Actors

    Have you ever seen the Vice-Chancellor of KTU talking directly to the media?

    NO. But why are they hiding from the media and the students?

    The system could be more transparent if the problems of the students are heard and responded accordingly.

    The only way the system could get better is by taking to the student’s opinion into concern. This is especially how the boycotting and strike could be stopped and also the delaying of classes and exams.

    #3. Evaluation System

    “The year-out system introduced by the KTU is unscientific. There are times when the university has not declared the examination results. Instead, it invited applications for revaluation and even for supplementary examinations.”

    “Many students like me, who had applied for revaluation for the exam papers in which we had failed, scored A-grade after revaluation.”

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    “The reason for this is that unqualified staff in the KTU were entrusted with the evaluation of our exam papers” said Dhaneesh R, state president of the All-Kerala KTU Student’s Union from the Hindustan College of Engineering, Kulathupuzha.

    There is this similar problem arising in every college I know. Marks are solely given to the student for the exact answer in their answer copy.

    KTU does not always give a strict answer key. Only a scheme of evaluation is provided, which is usually very vague.

    But for some questions, they give very comprehensive evaluation criteria as well.
    So its entirely the evaluators choice on giving marks.

    Only professionally knowledge professors could understand the answer exactly the way how the student has described.

    Whose problem is this?

    Mainly the Evaluating staffs KTU has appointed to check the answers. Who knows if they are the Assistant Professor-Adhoc or experienced teachers?

    Thus sadly their decision may be prone to errors.

    #4. Money Making System

    According to the Times of India, around 56,600 students applied for re-evaluation last year, for which merely 2.4% students secured 15% more marks from the original score.

    So the rest 97.6% students money is gone.

    Going by the calculation, Suppose if a student applies for re-evaluating 1 subject:

    56,600 x 0.976 x 600 x 1 = ₹3,31,44,960 (3 Crores)

    The university gets this much money minimum. I don’t have anything to say more on this.

    What did you do wrong?

    1. Joining KTU affiliated institution.
    2. Nothing else.

    Final Words.

    Its been about just 4 years since the university has started their new affiliation system. It may not be the right time for us to judge.

    But, for the students, this is the only time they have.

    We can appreciate the good features KTU has with the updated syllabus, comparatively faster results publishing and fixed exam dates. Also, I truly support this year out system, which will definitely prevent the unnecessary number of unprofessional Engineers passing out.

    However, I feel this standard is less compared to the problems it has for a good system to prevail in India.

    Wish KTU implements the current system and help us in producing better results for the state.

    Do comment down your thoughts. What do you think about KTU?


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